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Range of Products - What we offer

We are manufacturing a wide range of ring spun yarn, single and double in the count range of 16s to 140s on conventional & compact spinning machines. We also manufacture 100% cotton yarn with count range from 6s to 10s on OE-Schlafhorst machines.
Our special initiatives are focused towards eliminating contamination that occurs ,naturally. FR 900 Clearers are installed on autoconers. We specialize in a range of 100% cotton yarn spun out of Indian extra-long staple cotton, Egyptian Cotton and US PIMA Cotton. The contemporary machinery makes sure that our customers get the best of the very best.
Major Counts of Cotton Yarn.

  • NE 16s to 80s combed for knitting & weaving
  • NE 2/20s to 2/140s combed & Twisted on TFO's without knots. A range of blends INDIAN / PIMA & Egyptian Cottons are available.
  • NE 6s to 12s made on OE machines Heavy Doubling is also available.

All the above cotton yarns are contamination cleared & wound on Schlafhorst / Savio AUTOCONERS.
A range of Two Fold & Multifold cotton yarn made on TFO / DD Twist.
Gassed Yarn is our specialty.