Welcome to Thiagarajar Mills

This is not the story of yet another cotton mill. This is about a tradition which has grown over the years, accumulating accolades and appreciation for its quality consciousness and dedication in producing the finest material for the finest fabrics. It is a Success Story spun around Tradition.

Thiagarajar Mills, as we are now known, came into existence in the year 1936 with the aim of providing the very best for the cotton yarn industry. There are 3 spinning mills in India, all of which are dedicated to the production of three distinct count groups - Fine Count Combed Cotton Yarn, Hosiery Yarn & Coarse Count Combed Cotton Yarn.
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As a successful business house, what drives us is not merely stringent business practices but the values that we have upheld through the years. Our values have been deep-rooted in all our operations and have gently guided us to emerge as an organization committed to ethics and ethos. Our Vision is to create new benchmarks in manufacturing quality yarn.
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We are manufacturing a wide range of ring spun yarn on conventional & compact spinning machines. Single and double in the count range of 16s to 140s. We also manufacture 100% cotton yarn on OE-Schlafhorst machines. The count range to 6s to 10s. Our special initiatives are focused towards eliminating contamination that occurs naturally.
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Thiagarajar Mills

A Tradition called Thiagarajar Mills (P) Limited.