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Infrastructure - Where Our Forte Lies

The strength of our infra structural facilities has given us that extra edge in a competitive industry. We have some of the best and latest equipments like Auto levelers, Hi speed combers, Auto winders, Two for one twisters , Air jet looms and Sulzer looms to ensure the quality and timely delivery of the products. We also use the automatic cone winders with electronic yarn clearer and splices to make sure that the clients get the best and contamination-free yarn.
An in-house R&D wing with state-of-the art facility, works round the clock with the objective of delivering only the very best of quality output. With about 1600 trained workforce working with 86112 spindles, 480 rotors, and 300 looms in five factories turning out around 25000 kilograms of yarn, 60000 meters of fabric daily, Thiagarajar Mills is contributing a significant share to the exports of cotton yarn from India.